United States

(THEPP) was founded by Dr. Frederick A. Gelsey, Sr., who was inspired to create 
this project as a result of his beloved son being murdered in December 2011. 


Dr. Frederick A. Gelsey, Sr. has certainly had his own share of
encounters with homicide. Growing up on the streets of New York city where 
homicide, the socials ills of society and other crimes were prevalent, he found 
himself engaged with them by the use of drugs, alcohol, and theft that 
ultimately led him to the prison gates as a career criminal. While incarcerated, 
he had a personal encounter with his creator God, and then realized that he had 
a greater purpose in life that needed to be fulfilled to help mankind. After his 
release from prison, he continued on with his studies and preparation for
ministry, and was ordained as Rev. Frederick A. Gelsey, Sr.

Rev. Gelsey's intimate encounter with homicide happened in the year 
2011 on December 28, when his only son Frederick Gelsey, Jr. was fatally shot to 
death. And while the pain and grief is still resident in his heart, he continues 
to go on with his mission in the county and state penal systems to minister to 
hundreds of men and women who have made their way to them. His son was the last 
person to be murdered in that year.

In addition to holding Sunday services and weekly bible studies at the
prison facilities, Rev. Gelsey is also the Director of Fair Chance Ministries. 
Fair Chance Ministries is a ministry that addresses the needs of the total 
man/woman  by providing counseling and other services for the same, while 
helping them to transition back into the mainstream of life. He uses biblical 
principles during his sessions to help reshape and transform the lives of his 
participants. This method has proven to be both effective and affective with 
long term results with the lives of the participants.