BNMC Rotary meeting minutes 12/19/16                             Attendance: 14 members, 3 guests
President, Tony Billoni, started meeting at 5:01PM
Attendance: No visiting Rotarians. Gene Chaas introduced Susan Czryny, Dan Gigante, and Richard Capote as guests of Rotary, prospective members. Susan, et al  has yet to hear back from the board regarding her Rotary membership application. 
Pledge of Allegiance.
“Rotary Serving Humanity” examples from Mandy, Tony B, Mike B, Terri C, David J: Ringing the bell for Salvation Army on 12/17; Sean B: “Hope of Survivors” interaction at the studio.
Chili Cook-Off Update: Mike Baritot announced the committee update.  Working on sponsorship teams and attendance as priorities. The PR committee positioned website to accept online payments. Sponsorship update: $1,350 in total à Mayer Construction ($1,000), TMP Tech ($200), Isabelle Robaitaille ($100). Teams: Trociare, Cody (Irishman), Buffalo Brew Pub. Tony B to follow-up with Kenmore Club and Lockport Club. Conflicting events: Soup event at Convention Center – Tony B will reach out to Kevin to support a non-Rotary event when they can support a Rotary event that day.  Mike Baritot has 50/50 tickets for sale. Tony B asked people with connections to other Rotary clubs to make a visit to other Rotary clubs in the area, Andrea has Chili Cook-Off packet for people to take to other Rotary clubs. Tony B asked the group to please like BNMC Rotary club Facebook page and share the Chili Cook-off event with your friends to encourage others to join
Health Sciences Charter School Update: Mike Woods announced the 2016 donation for $3,000 for Health Charter Sciences school – supporting young entrepreneur’s academy. HQ in Rochester, but is a national program for students to learn about the entrepreneurial/startup life. November 3rd meeting –understanding of the number of students interested in participating and the syllabus for the year long program. Identified problems impacting the outcome and participation of students such as: transportation and late after school hours, in addition to a lofty syllabus. Working on getting activity bus passes for transportation for the students. Mike met with Christine today and there are two groups of students that are genuinely interested in participating in this program. 1. Traditional African Clothing opportunity 2. Creating a paten for skin grafting. Mike connected with Cindy Thomason from Small Business Development Program at Buff State to come in and help condense and simplify the syllabus. Mike Woods requests for subject matter experts to participate in program to help ramp up the first year to be a success.
David Johnson made an announcement to piggy-back on Mike’s comment about need for mentors – WEDI is a great resource to look into.
Service Committee: Tony B made an announcement regarding an email that details three programs David Johnson has proposed, service committee has reviewed and board has approved. Next step in the process is for the members to address questions or objections via email. David Johnson spoke on behalf of the three proposals for international service. Asking for $500 for each project for a total of $1500 1. Himalayan Health Care – Applying for a global grant with Ajay T to put clean water in rural Nepal ($250,000 total ask). Will put on a Fundraiser and through the global grant could get up to $40,000. 2. Bahari Project – people living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Stakeholders promising for next 5 years – already raised $15,000. Global Matching Grant through Rotary International. Partner with Rotary Club in Bangladesh who will directly receive the money and contribute to the Bahari Project. 3. Re-visiting 2007 project in Ethiopia, Anti-Malaria Association, put in 5 wells and a foot bridge from prior matched grant. Contact at AMA asked for more help from David Johnson to build more foot bridges and wells. Rotary 7090 District Grant Application will likely focus on one of David’s three projects.
Kevin Guest House: $35,000 is needed for the security system - Kenmore Rotary is leading the initiative and Terri C has submitted an application for a service grant to support the Kevin Guest Houses’ newest house.
Dan submitted an application for Amore and Heritage who are asking for $4,800 to provide free cultural dance programs across the community. CEO has fundraisers throughout the year to support her program and applies for one other grant outside of Rotary.  Tony B asked Dan to get numbers and data on the number of students helped through this program, annually.
$10,000 in funding is still available for service projects through June 2017.
Meg announced Karen has been in treatment for month, first series was not effective, she was accepted into a lily drug trial and it is working! She is among a small population in which this has worked for her for such an extended amount of time.
PR Club: Tony B announced the website continues to get more use. Learning more about Club Runner and the potential it has to serve our club. Kudos to Mary and the PR committee for their hard work for social media and the website.
Dues: Dues are due on January 1st and June 1st. Dues for next 6 months are due on January 1,, 2017.  Please mail dues to P.O. box for Adam to receive.  John D - Mentioned an alternative way to donate and give back to Rotary International is by including RI in your will. Take it into consideration as you please.
Every Rotarian Every Year: David J asked about donation for Every Rotarian Every Year – Tony B believes it’s a rolling deadline, half of your donation comes back into the club and district for use. 
Can make a donation online at “My Rotary” by submitting a donation attached to your membership number. $100 suggested donation from Rotary International, Tony B asks the club to give what they can as we’re a new club. Goal is for more than 50% of the club donates to EREY by the end of the first quarter.
Membership Committee: Gene Chaas announced Rotary brochure under the table at the front of the room. Please take care of guests as they come to visit, especially if John or Gene are NOT present. Board has approved membership for Susan Czryny, Dan Gigante, Richard Capote, Tyrone and Naomi Goodson. Need to set a date to officially celebrate the new members.
Gene Chaas recommends taking fung shui in consideration to move our meetings to the room across the hall. Mike Woods and John recommended moving the tables in chairs in our current room to accommodate large group meetings if necessary. Tony B will investigate with the appropriate people to see if the change is available for consideration.
Sargent at Arms: Thanks to Bob Greenwhich for setting up the room on a weekly meeting and a box for nametags. It is okay to wear nametags at non-Rotarian events.
Tony B announced there will be no meeting on 12/26.
Tony adjourned the meeting at 5:59PM
Respectfully submitted,

Marissa Malone, Member.
Bob Grinwhich
Anthony Billoni
Andrea Scibetta
David Johnson
Trish Hartman
Many Bailey
Gene Chaas
Sue Czyny – guest ( prospect)
Dan Gigante – guest ( prospect)
Marissa Malone –
Sean Brennan
Mike Woods
Mike Baritot
Mike Billoni
John DePaolo
Meg Keller-Cogan
Richard Capote – guest ( prospect)
Daniel Ross